Why revaluing textile?

Textile is mostly produced at the expense of farmland and water. This causes damage to our environment and depletes our natural resources. Adding to this that more than half of the textile handed in in Western Europe could easily be used again and one could easily conclude that we help our planet by recycling textile and thereby help to pass it on to our children, grandchildren and many generations to follow.

The sorting process            erdotex-sorteerproces

All newly bought textile loses most of its value on the second hand market. This allows us to sort the received textile by quality and resell it in kilograms.

The prices of our products are based on quality. Therefore it is very important to build up a good and professional sorting process.

Our people responsible for this are specially trained and highly skilled to efficiently estimate the textile to its value and thus to sort.


Our products are divided into seven categories



Nr. 2, A quality clothing and shoes
Nr. 3, B quality clothing and shoes



Crème, high quality clothing
Nr. 1, High quality and fashion clothing

Wipers & Recycle Material


Wipers: 9 kinds of cleaning rags
Textiles re-used as raw materials: 7 kinds of textiles


Nostalgische kleding

Retro, vintage and nostalgic clothing