Erdotex works with renowned organisations

Erdotex works with renowned organisations to collect used textile. The collected textile, which consists of clothing, shoes and cleaning rags, is first valued and then divided into seven categories. This ranges from the highest category for superior quality clothing to the lowest category for cleaning rags. Erdotex carefully supervises the sorting process to ensure the constant quality of the different products. This is achieved through regular random checks.

By re-using used textile we are actively contributing to a reduction in textile waste and so also towards creating a better environment.


What customers say about us

“Erdotex always delivers on time.”
“The quality of the products is always good. ”
“Erdotex contributes to a greener planet. ”


Sister company

Our sister company, NEMO, uses the same concept to revalue textile. We ensure in this way that our capacity is increased and that we can deliver as fast as possible at the desired location.