Our process

Revaluing textiles is a comprehensive and complicated process that needs to satisfy its shareholders as well as its stakeholders.

This process starts at off-loading our raw material sourced by our renowned suppliers.

The used textiles are than placed in multiple cages where they are kept for storage or in which they enter the sorting process directly.

Hereafter, the used textiles undergo a so-called “pre-sorting”, which basically means that we sort the different kinds of textiles by type.

The “fine” sorting process is entered after the pre-sorting, where our textiles are sorted again on quality.

Our expertise and years of experience come to play here, valuing the goods based on the demands of the second hand market and ensuring a continuous and efficient process while doing so.

Naturally, only specially trained and highly skilled members of our team are allowed to revalue and sort the textiles. 

When the sorting process has finished, the finished products are pressed into large sized and small sized bales.

We have different compression systems for small bales and large size bales.

Higher quality products are put in high-end FIBC bags without pressing, to preserve their quality.

After the goods are weighted and labeled, they are deposited into our loading warehouse. The labeling is done for our sophisticated ERP system, tracking all our ouput.

Before the goods are loaded, the products get scanned to ensure correct registration of outgoing goods.

Lastly, these bales and bags are loaded and shipped to our clients around the globe.